Medium Services

“Mediums are born — not made.” I firmly believe that everyone is born with a degree of psychic ability, and each and every one of us is capable to improve and develop our awareness (psychically, intuitively, or on a deeper level of mediumship).

Hypnosis Services

We all have within us the inner wisdom to both identify and resolve the issues and problems that we face. At 3rd Eye Connect, through a process of self-discovery and hypnosis, I assist clients in finding what might be holding them back.

Upcoming Events

As part of my mission to connect and communicate I participate in several events each month. Be sure to check out the events page for more information as it gets updated regularly. I am looking forward to seeing you there. 


This was my first experience and you have completely ‘wowed’ me! Thank you so much Rickie. You have an incredible heart and I appreciate you sharing your gift with us.


Burnaby, BC

Healing Session