Facts About Hypnosis

The following is Courtesy of Coastal Academy of Hypnotic Arts and Science

MYTH: Hypnotism is VOODOO.

FACT: Hypnotism is scientific. It is not supernatural nor of the occult, but a purely natural manifestation of the powers of the human mind. People enter hypnosis many times a day, awake or asleep, watching TV, reading, driving, daydreaming, or engaging in hobbies. We are often in a natural state of hypnosis, narrowing our focus to the point that everything is blurred off.

MYTH: Only a small proportion of the population can be hypnotized.

FACT: 90 – 95% of adults can be hypnotized to some degree. Some will respond more rapidly than others will. One in five will promptly enter a deep enough trance. There are two classes of people who cannot be hypnotized at all: those mentally incapable of focusing and infants too young to understand the words of the hypnotherapist.

MYTH: Do you use some soothing words and soft music to simply lull me to sleep?

FACT: NO. In hypnosis, the conscious mind is completely relaxed and rested, but not asleep. You can hear my voice and follow the instructions. Remember, the subconscious mind’s job is to protect and serve you; therefore, the subconscious mind is very attentive to what is taking place. You can wake yourself up out of hypnosis any time you wish to.

MYTH: The hypnotist has absolute control over my mind and body.

FACT: This is the most injurious of all myths concerning hypnotism. The hypnotherapist CAN NOT make a person say or do anything contrary to their deep-rooted principles. Any suggestions that are against your morals, beliefs, values, and ethics would not be accepted by the subconscious mind. You will immediately break the trance by emerging yourself out of hypnosis. Hypnosis is a means of releasing and intensifying your personal power and ability.

MYTH: Can the hypnotherapist hypnotize me against my will?

FACT: NO. You must consent to be hypnotized before you can be guided to enter a trance state with a professional. Trance hypnosis is a deep state of hypnosis created by tailoring techniques that are suitable to your suggestibility. As a graduate of Coastal Academy of Hypnotic Arts and Science, I’ve taken an oath of human dignity and privacy and am required to ask permission to hypnotize you every time you arrive for a hypnotherapy session. My expertise as a hypnotherapist is to facilitate and guide you into hypnosis with your permission. You are in the driving seat while I have the map to guide you through the process.

MYTH: Hypnotherapy does not work as well as traditional therapies.

FACT: Recovery rates for various treatments:

• Psychoanalysis: 38% recovery after 600 sessions
• Behaviour Therapy: 72% recovery after 22 sessions
• Hypnotherapy: 93% recovery after six sessions
Source: American Health Magazine
August 2006-http://www.hypnosis101.com/training.htm

MYTH: The hypnotist will dominate me.

FACT: There is no domination and submission in hypnotism. The hypnotherapist helps you release and express your own hidden abilities. The hypnotherapist facilitates the process of assisting you in accessing your inner resources so that you can achieve resolution.