Medium Rickie

Rickie Natural Born Medium

Rickie is a natural born medium, she will bring forward strong evidence, validation, healing, and loving messages from the other side. During a medium reading, Rickie will connect with your departed loved ones in Heaven and provide you with strong validation and proof that your loved ones survived death.

Rickie is a mental (able to receive mental impression and images from the deceased) and evidential (provides strong evidence) medium. She uses all the C’s in her reading: Clairvoyance, Clairaudience (this is very strong with Rickie), Clairsentience, Claircognizance and of course her strong intuition. She hears, feels, and sees spirit. It is important to note: all mediums are psychic, not all psychics are mediums. A medium is one who is born with the gift of spirit communication. He\She receives information from the departed loved ones. A psychic receives information from your energy field and your spiritual guides. Rickie is a psychic-medium, she is both a medium and a psychic. 

What is a Medium Reading with Rickie?

Rickie’s focus of service is to connect with your loved ones in the spirit world.  A medium reading consists of family members, partners, spouses, friends, and even pets. Mediumship is available to help people move through loss, life transitions, as well as to help the departed heal. As a medium, Rickie is motivated to ease the fear of death/dying, prove survival, bring comfort and healing. Rickie is committed to deliver the messages from your loved ones to you in its purest form. Her utmost respect is given and maintained throughout the readings.

The Reading

During the reading, Rickie receives information about who your loved ones are, how they passed, how they look, in addition to bringing their personality into the reading! Rickie will request that your loved ones provide her with additional information that is unique to them in order to validate her connection with their Spirit. Rickie’s mediumistic gifts and beliefs provide the space and time for the departed to tell their story in the way they wish to share it with us.

I am a professional in my field and I use my gifts of spirit communication to bring forth evidence of survival. As an ambassador of the spirit world, I am honoured to share this gift that continues to support and help souls throughout all levels of existence. I also continuously strive to develop myself and my gifts through my daily dedication to practice meditation and taking development classes with internationally renowned mediums (Lisa Williams, psychic medium Tony Stockwell, Psychic, Medium Tutor Darren Britten, spiritual medium Eileen Davis) as well as trance classes with The Arthur Findlay College.

My motto is that we never arrive, but should continue to evolve and reach the highest states of existence. I strive to reach each and every one of you through my commitment to serve both the seen and unseen world.

Psychic medium Rickie can communicate with spirits in four different ways, or in any combination of these four ways:

Clairvoyant (I see)
Psychic-medium Rickie can see spirits. Not every spirit chooses to show their selves to a psychic medium who has this ability, but many of them do. If the psychic-medium can see spirits, part of the communication will be based on sight. A psychic-medium may see something in their mind’s eye (as an inner vision) or they may see spirits the way they see other people (as a physical manifestation, except the spirits are more ethereal). The images or symbols come like a puzzle or a movie and Rickie’s job is to deliver the information as it is without her own bias or interpretation.
Clairaudient (I hear)
Psychic-medium Rickie can hear spirits. In this method, the spirits actually talk to the psychic-medium verbally. The psychic-medium may hear the communication in their mind (like hearing thoughts) or they may hear the spirit the way they would hear you. Unfortunately, some spirits are not the greatest communicators and what the psychic-medium actually hears may sound more like a faint radio station rather than a clear telephone signal. This is one reason why some readings are so detailed and accurate while others are vague. For instance, when you try talking to someone while you are driving in a poor reception area, you will experience what it feels like to chat with a weak communicator from the spirit world. The spirit uses Rickie’s knowledge as a reference to convey their messages; she may hear names, words, numbers, or sounds. Listen to the information that is being delivered, it may mean nothing to Rickie, but could be very significant to you. Please do not wait to hear what you want to hear, Rickie can only give you what she receives without interpretation. Keep an open mind and listen attentively to the information coming through, so that you can have a positive and rewarding session. There is no road map to the spirit world. 
Claircognizant (I know)
Psychic-medium Rickie receives messages telepathically, as an inner knowing or inner sensing. Messages are sent from the spirit’s mind to the psychic-medium’s mind, and vice versa. Here, the spirit might flash a picture or a word in the psychic-medium’s mind. Spirits have the ability to use the psychic-medium’s brain as a computer data base, and they will search through that psychic-medium’s knowledge and experiences for ways to best communicate what they want to convey.

For example, if a spirit wants to give the psychic-medium the name Brian, they might flash (in the psychic-medium’s mind) the face of a person named Brian who the psychic-medium knows. At times, this can be confusing and requires the psychic-medium to deliver the information they are seeing in their mind’s eye.

Clairsentience(I feel)
Psychic-medium Rickie get feelings or sensations in her body and mind, both physical and emotional. A spirit can make the psychic-medium feel sad if they are trying to convey the message of depression. Alternatively, they can make the psychic-medium’s lungs feel tight if they are trying to convey the message that someone had a lung condition. It is also common that a psychic-medium feels a painful sensation in their head if the spirit is trying to relay the message that they died due to a head injury or trauma, such as from a car accident, suicide, or any number of causes. Rickie may feel in her body the symptoms that your loved one experienced before they passed. It takes tremendous energy for the spirit to impress their illness and emotions. The spirit responds to our loving intent.